A Bedtime Snack

A Bedtime Snack

Purchasing Saffron? Four Steps To Preserve The Quality Of Your Spice

by Zoey Howell

If you're looking for a spice that adds a touch of elegance to your dishes and helps keep you healthy all at the same time, you're looking for saffron. You might not realize this, but saffron is one of the most sought-after spices. It's made from the stigma's of the Saffron crocus. To create the spice, the stigma's must be collected, dried, and heated to just the right temperature.

Because of the intense work that's required to harvest the spice, saffron is also one of the most expensive spices. However, it's worth it. If you're going to be purchasing saffron, it's important that you take special precautions during the storage process. Here are four steps you should take to preserve the quality of your saffron.

Keep Things Cool

Saffron is heated during the process of turning it into a usable spice. However, once it's turned into the spice, it should not be exposed to heat. In fact, heat can degrade the spice and render it unusable. To protect your spice, and preserve the taste and aroma, you should keep it in a cool, dry place. Avoid placing it in the refrigerator, though. Extreme cold can also damage the spice.

Avoid Light

When it comes to saffron, it's best to keep the spice out of the light; natural or artificial. Saffron prefers to be kept in the dark, the darker the better. Once you find a dark cabinet, you should ensure that light doesn't creep in when you open another cabinet door. Exposure to the light can alter the color and aroma of your saffron spice.

Choose the Right Containers

Once you've found a darkened cabinet that remains cool, you'll need to choose the right container. The perfect container will be one that is air-tight, which will prevent your spice from losing its flavor and aroma. It's also a good idea to keep your saffron in small containers to reduce the amount of air that can circulate around the spice. If you're purchasing a larger quantity of saffron, divide it for storage in several small containers.

Don't Store for Too Long

Saffron gives your food a truly unique flavor. It also benefits the body in multiple ways. To make sure you receive all the benefits of your saffron, make sure you use it while it's fresh. Storing your saffron for extended periods of time will spoil the flavor, and reduce the beneficial attributes of the spice. For best results, use your saffron before it gets a chance to degrade.

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