A Bedtime Snack

A Bedtime Snack

5 Delicious Reasons To Serve Wagyu Beef At Home

by Zoey Howell

Japan has long been known for its delicious culinary traditions, but many people tend to associate Japanese food with fish and vegetables and may not even realize that Japan is the origin of one of red meat's most delectable delights.

Wagyu beef is one of the country's greatest culinary achievements—highly marbled and rich in healthy vitamins and minerals, this beef is prized by top chefs and is just now beginning to find its way into American households. Wagyu beef comes from cattle with direct, pure bloodlines that were produced with deliciousness in mind. Following are five reasons why you should thrill your family and guests by preparing Wagyu beef in your home kitchen.

Wagyu Beef Has Lots of Omega-3s

You probably already know that certain fatty fish such as salmon, tuna, and mackerel are high in healthy monounsaturated fatty acids, but it's probably not something you've ever associated with beef. However, a study from the Japanese Livestock Industry Association shows that Wagyu beef contains up to 30 percent more unsaturated fat than Angus beef.

Many people steer clear of red meat because they are concerned that its consumption will lead to elevated cholesterol levels. However, the saturated fat in Wagyu beef contains 40 percent stearic acid, which has been found to have only a small impact on raising cholesterol levels. Some studies have even shown that stearic acid can lead to a decrease in levels of certain types of cholesterol.

Wagyu Cattle Are Raised Gently and With Care

Wagyu calves are raised on sweet meadow grass until they are between the ages of seven and ten months. They are then fed a finishing diet of nutritious whole grains, and the cattle are treated gently and with respect and care at all times. Their feed does not contain the added hormones and antibiotics that cause so many of today's food consumers to be wary of purchasing commercial beef products.

Wagyu Beef is Versatile

Wagyu beef can be used to create everything from gourmet burgers to succulent steaks. It's rich, creamy texture makes it an excellent addition to stir fry, and few things are better than a buttery-soft Wagyu beef steak fresh off the grill and served with a simple salad. One of its most delicious uses in traditional Japanese cooking is sukiyaki, which is a flavorful one-pan vegetable and beef dish that's elegant enough for dinner parties yet quick and easy enough to prepare to make it a household favorite for casual family fare.

Home cooks should keep in mind, however, that cooking with Wagyu beef is slightly different than preparing other types of beef. The high amount of fat in Wagyu beef means that it cooks about 30 percent more quickly than other beef varieties, and cooking it for too long can cause it to become overly dry and flavorless.

Wagyu Beef is Delicious

There is simply no getting around the fact that properly prepared Wagyu beef is a taste experience that most red meat lovers have yet to enjoy. Even those who don't care for red meat stand a good chance of falling in love with Wagyu beef after just one mouthful. The reason the beef is so sublimely delicious is because it's thickly and evenly marbled throughout, meaning that each mouthful is equally delicious.

Because Wagyu beef tends to be expensive, it's generally considered to be a delicacy in most homes and is often reserved for special occasions. Once you and your family get a taste of it, however, you may find yourself making up reasons to celebrate that warrant a delicious dinner starring Wagyu beef. Learn more about your options by contacting specialty food services such as Joyce Farms.


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