A Bedtime Snack

A Bedtime Snack

Essentials For A Russian-Themed Dinner Party

by Zoey Howell

If you're in the mood for something exotic for dinner, then you should should consider having a Russian-themed dinner party. It's one of the more unique foreign foods and it's actually quite easy to create a cool Russian vibe. While many people will have frequently gone to Italian, Indian, and Mexican restaurants, Russian-themed food is not as ubiquitous in most cities, so your guests will find it really fun and unique. With that in mind, you can get started planning out what you need for your dinner party. Here are some things you can incorporate into your party plans:

Russian-Themed Music

Before you get started with the food and drink, you should look into getting a proper musical background. You can find a good playlist of some popular Russian folk music. You should steer clear of the more classical music, as this will be too serious for a fun get together. You can search online for folk-inspired modern bands if you find that the classic Russian-themed folk music is a bit too jarring for a casual evening with friends. Much of this music is instrumental, but you can also find tracks that have vocals. The music will help lend your party a cool atmosphere without requiring you to go all-out with the decor.

Caviar and Vodka

Two of the classics at any Russian-themed dinner party need to be caviar and vodka, and it is important that you choose Russian-made products in both cases. With vodka, you might see vodkas from Poland, Sweden, and several other countries, but if you are hosting a Russian-themed party, you will want to choose a vodka that is made in Russia; likewise with the caviar. It's important to choose a caviar that is made from Russian Osetra. There are some brands that you might see in stores that are from Persia, but if your intent is to throw a party with authentic Russian food and drink, make sure you pick the Russian Osetra caviar.

Pelmeni and Blini

People will also want some other foods to choose from, so you should look at getting pelmeni (these are similar to pierogi or other dumplings) as well as blini (pancakes that go well served with the caviar that you are getting). You can either head to a specialty foods store that serves the Russian community, or even just look at a place that sells high-quality frozen Russian foods.


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