A Bedtime Snack

A Bedtime Snack

Catering Ideas For Your Office Party

by Zoey Howell

Arranging an office party can be fun, but it can also be tricky. You have to choose food that is appropriate for the environment. You don't want to get food that is messy and will be a hassle to clean up. Likewise, you need to get food that doesn't crate a huge aroma in the office which will bother people after the party if over. This is especially true if you are organizing a party in a large office building and not all of the employees in the building are going to be invited. It's not appropriate to have the smells and scents wafting over into their area while they are working. A great place to get the party catered is a local deli. They will serve food that is ideal for the environment. So, here are some cool ideas about what to cater:

Cold Pasta Salads

You can ask the local deli about what sort of cold pasta salads they can provide. These are perfect for people who are not interested in eating a big hot lunch and would prefer something more suitable for a mid-afternoon lunch at work. A light salad such as penne with fresh vegetables and a light Italian dressing would be perfect. It can be eaten much easier than a big bowl of spaghetti or something like ziti or lasagna. You can ask the deli about the different sorts of cold pasta that they have such as pesto sauces and olive oil based dressings.

Italian Style Deli Sandwiches

A great alternative to pasta dishes are Italian style deli sandwiches. These might be anything from an eggplant parm sandwich to a cheese based sandwich which is made with a popular Italian cheese such as provolone. These sandwiches are super easy to eat in an office setting, you don't need to supply forks or knives. All you need to have on hand are paper plates and napkins, which the place that is catering can supply

Dessert: Italian Style Favorites

Cake or pie is a bit too messy for an office party. So what you should consider doing is finding a good dessert option such as Italian cookies. These are amazing and people really love them. You could go with the ever popular rainbow cookies, or you could choose something more traditional and old school such as pine nut cookies (pignoli) which are light and flavorful and go great with coffee, so they can be eaten later in the day as well.

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